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Follow Beats By Dre

We know Lady GaGa are one of the most famous stars in the word,and a lot of people know the Monster Headphones and Beats By Dre because of her. And now we can follow her to begin to use the products of Beats By Dre, we will be the fans of Lady GaGa and Beats By Dre one day. When we use the Beats By Dre headphones,we can learn more about the good quality of the brand Beats By Dre and love Beats By Dre. Now let’s begin to follow Beats By Dre.

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Beats By Dre are Popular

We always see the red "B" logo features heavily on the Beats By Dre units and Beats By Dre packaging. A few sets of Beats headphones are featured in the music video for Imma Be by The Black Eyed Peas. We always see young people wear the Beats By Dre headphones like beats by dre studio in the bus, in the railway station, in the supermarket and so on. They think wearing Beats By Dre headphones means fashion and charming. Beats By Dre ’s headphones like Beats By Dre Studio, Solo/Solo HD/Solo HD (RED) are also good gifts for you. And we are sure Beats By Dre this brand will be accepted by more and more who like Beats headphones .

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Beats By Dre's Development

Beats By Dre also partnered with HP to launch notebook computers with high-end audio capabilities.The range of Beats By Dre relies on advertisements placed in music videos and celebrity appearances, along with prime floor space in several Best Buy stores, called "Club Beats". Patrons of the Beats By Dre include Lady GaGa beats headphones and Esmee Denters beats headphones. This Beats By Dre design are now one of the most prominent designs in the world ,and the music industry needs Beats By Dre.

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Kinds of Beats By Dre

The very latest beats headphones from the Beats By Dre family are the Solo HD(one of the most popular beats headphones of Beats By Dre ), a high-definition on-ear headphone.
There are also two branches of the Beats By Dre family. In-ear headphones i.e. Tour headphones, Heartbeats By Lady Gaga & DiddyBeats by P. Diddy, the other being on-ear/over-ear i.e. Beats By Dre Studio, Solo/Solo HD/Solo HD (RED), and Pro. Beats By Dre are popular all over the world, because the design of Beats By Dre's beats headphones are so special and make the people who like the brand Beats By Dre so crazy.

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Beats By Dre's Description

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[Beats By Dre are beats headphones created by Hip Hop/Rap Musician Dr. Dre beats and Interscope Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine . There are five versions of the beats by dre headphones which are manufactured and distributed by Monster Headphones. There are the Studio headphones, an over-ear beats headphone which are for the Studio musicians and often appear in music videos like Keri Hilson's Knock You Down and Lady Gaga's Poker Face. There are also the Beats by dre Studio's which are over-ear beats headphones, beats by dre appear in Eminem's video. There are also the Tour beats headphones, canalphones for people to go and appear in the videos for Lady Gaga's LoveGame. Beats by dre is so good that beats headphones are also cooperated to LMFAO's I'm in Miami Trick.


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